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    How to increase render speed in premiere pro

    Lady Novarose

      Hey Everyone,


          Is there a way to speed up the render time in premiere pro? I do realize on my mac the processor isn't the fastest. I have 8 gigs of ram and  But, I have all other programs closed, I only have premiere running and I don't have a lot of special effects. I only have some keyframes but nothing complex. Does anyone know what is going on? Every time I make a small change it takes hours to render a small section. When I started this project it didn't take as long. I only select the option to render the change I just made and not the whole video. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advanced and an intel core 2 duo processor which sin't the fastest but for a small change and a simple video 4 hours to render a section is ridiculous and frustrating and this didn't happen before.