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    Fusion Effect


      Hello. I need an effect that gives the impression that three objects become one. Anybody know any plug in for this? or convert an image to spot light.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Please explain in much more detail. An image/sketch would help.

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            Velsargo Level 1

            Hello. Basically I have three characters (images) I need to mix between them and become a blip. and want that shine bright point more strongly from that light and go to the next scene.



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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              any of the distortion effects combined with animated opacity and a layer for your light flash. You can make your own with animated feathered masks and Add or Screen blend modes or you can use something like lens flair.


              Try putting all of your characters in a comp, add an adjustment layer on the top and apply Effect>Distort>Twirl and Effect>Distort>Transform and Effects>Blur>Fast Blur


              Add a black solid on top of the stack, set the blend mode to ADD and add Effect>Generate>Lens Flair


              Your project should look something like this:


              You'll find the CS6 project here. It should get you started. There are all kinds of distortion effects you can add to the mix.