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    Blank Tip of the day window


      Hi all,


      We have an odd happening in one of our video labs here at work.  When launching AE CS3 (ver 8 i believe?) the tip of the day window pops up after the program launches, but it's blank.  This happens on all but one of the machines in the lab.  Nothing had been installed lately - and oddly was working up until late last night.  I have been googling - searching this forum and only found one entry that was on the windows side and it was deemed an OS problem - i.e. no help


      Some info before I launch into my troubleshooting actions:


      all machines are the same

      Mac OS 10.6.8 ( we can't upgrade any further as the instructor doesn't wan't to teach the latest version of Final Cut)

      MacPro (4.1)

      Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz

      6 GB ram

      OS Drive 500 GB drive


      Here's what I've done


      Re-installed the App hoping for a quick fix - no go

      Unistalled (deleting all prefs) and re-installed - no go

      Located an update and installed (8.02) - no go

      located user prefs and deleted - no go


      I'm at my wit's end and no relief seems to be in sight.  I know I can't be the only one that's experiencing this - Basically we can't use the program at all once that blank tip screen pops up - all menus are greyed out and even AE's help is greyed out as well.  We're forced to force quit the program to gain access to the machine again.






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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Mac OSX v10.6.8 is not a supported operating system for After Effects CS3. Mac OSX v10.6 was released more than two years after After Effects CS3 was released, so there is no way that we could have developed and tested for that OS.


          And why are you using After Effects CS3? That is very old software and, as I said, isn't even supported on the OS that you're using.

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            grandpajoe Level 1

            Well, I work at a university - we don't have the budget to do the upgrade treadmil on all the software we try to support - we've got to work with what we have - I can see that I'm going to get no where with that type of attitude - no wonder why most universities are going to find alternatives to Adobe - just my 2 cents.  I asked a question - I didn't need to be berated by a company that we've pumped tens of thousands of dollars over the years just to say well, screw you

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              I didn't berate you. I pointed out that you are trying to run an application on an operating system that it wasn't built for.