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    iOS keyboard text entry - user must close keyboard

    RobWellington Level 1

      I am trying to enter text in my iOS app. Should be simple - I mean this is basic stuff.

      You click in an editable text member, the iOS keyboard pops up, you type, hit a button to save it and your code grabs the text and puts it where it is needed. Right?




      If the user doesn't close the keyboard the text entry text is not copied into the text member, so your button code copies the unaltered text.


      I've tried to use:

           member("new set name").editable = 0


           _movie.keyboardFocusSprite = 0

      and both

      but it still doesn't connect the iOS text entry object to the text member.


      Has anyone got a solution other than waiting for Adobe to provide another 'hot fix'?