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    Flash video from cd

      Hi Guys,

      I'm creating a presentation cd with flash and flash video, the FLV file size is 200mb and plays ok when the flash movie opens.

      However if i try scrub to the end of the video a couple seconds into the movie the movie pauses for about 2 seconds before the buffering bar shows up, then it buffers what it requires and plays. (I implemented the buffering bar because without it the pause was about 5 seconds)

      The problem is the 2 seconds, it seems messy or jerky because the buffering bar takes so long to come up.

      I think this is because the video is loading into the computers memory, as I've read up, yet I was wondering if there is a way to preload the entire movie into the machines memory before playing, or making the buffering bar come up more quickly.

      it is playing from a cd so:
      FLVPlayback.bytesLoaded - does not help nor does

      Id appreciate any insite into this issue
      Thank you