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    Frames randomly changing?


      Hi, I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements 11 in order to make a parody series and I've been experiencing a weird and very annoying problem recently.

      See, what I have to do in a lot of the editing is use lip flaps of the animated characters to match up to the dialogue audio I have imported. I'll start laying down my lip flaps to basically "lip-sync" the animation frames with my audio, but when I finish syncing a line, that's when stuff goes wonky.


      I have 3 frames to work with at all times while doing lip-sync, the "closed mouth frame", the "slightly open mouth frame", and the "wide open mouth frame". For some reason, when I finish syncing a line sometimes, the frames will just spontaneously change (for example: a frame I KNOW was a wide open mouth frame will just change to a closed mouth frame, for seemingly no reason).

      I have checked frame by frame, this isn't a slow down issue, nor is this a mistake on my part. I save often, but even opening the project file back up to an earlier save doesn't solve the issue. I usually have to open the audio in a completely seperate project file, lip-sync it, render the video, and then import it into the bigger project now, but for a series that has well over 100+ lines per episode, you can see where this would eat up time and memory on my computer.


      Anybody that can offer a solution, please do.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I will think about this some more in the morning. For now, think about the following and see if it might work for you to eliminate the issues that you described for your Premiere Elements project.


          You say that you work in a set of files. After you have a set sync'd, select all of those files (altogether), right click anywhere in the selection, select Group. And, then go on to the next set of files. Do the same for each group.


          Have you tried that to make sure what is put together stays together?


          But, I would ask "Do you actually see files moving around?" or "Is it that your effect has been altered, out of sync more or less?"


          More later.





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            SilentlyVocal Level 1

            I tried grouping, and it hasn't helped unfortunately. The frames will still change even when grouped together beforehand.


            The files do not move around, nor do they appear to be out of sync, it's more that they just spontaneously change.


            I would like to clarify that, of course, I'm running a legal copy of the program. I bought it via download code on Amazon, if that helps.