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    No Code is Working in Browser


      I have a fair amount experience in coding. I started working with my Edge Animate CC today. I have worked it in the past, not too far or difficult tasks, but today I have spent  three hours trying to resolve this issue and finally came to the conclusion that something is very wrong.   I create some stuff on  stage and went down to the simpliest task (mimicing Lynda.com instructions to the letter) and I could not even get the Playhead to STOP.  I had some stuff on stage and at 2 seconds did a Trigger and a Simple Stop..  Launch Browser and No Luck the only code was to stop at the 2 seconds... and it did not stop and played through. I did the Center to the Stage code and tested and it did not center  in the browser... Nothing and not even the simpliest Code or Task are working... Please help!!!!!

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          Sounds like you may have had a "Hiccup" in the install... I have heard of similar things happening due to that, id try a reinstall and if that doesn't work contact adobe support directly, because that has to be an isolated thing.

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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Hi, jdbrowningjr-


            It would be really helpful if you could post your entire project folder for us to look at.  You can ZIP it up and then post it on a file sharing site like the Creative Cloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox.  Often, when this thing happens, it means you have a JavaScript error in your composition.





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