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    RH9 HTML: Map IDs no longer working after switch to Chrome

    carma3 Level 1



      I have RH installed in Windows 7. I have one project, with about 3500 topics and about 2300 map IDs.


      Two days ago the map IDs were working as normal, I saved, compiled and ran it.


      Today when I opened the project, all the map IDs were still in the *.hh files but they are no longer assigned to any topics. All of the IDs had previously been assigned to topics, there were no unused map IDs. Now if I manually reassign an ID to a topic, then save, compile and reopen the project, the reassigned ID is again unassigned.


      The only thing that changed in between the two RH sessions is that I made Chrome my default browser. I have since changed the default back to IE 10, but that did not fix the Map ID problem.


      Is there a way to reassign the Map IDs other than doing each one manually, and what needs to be done to save the assigned IDs when the project is closed?


      I'm adding a screen shot of the Edit Map IDs window. Previously, all the IDs in the left window were blue (assigned) and they mysteriously became yellow (unassigned).


      Thank you.


      Carma Crimins


      map id 2.png

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          carma3 Level 1

          Well, the silence on this issue was deafening. In the past I have found the responses in this forum to be very helpful, so this problem must be a really bad one. I contacted Adobe chat support and was told that I would need to restore all 2300+  Map IDs manually, and there was no explanation for why they suddenly disappeared. I was blaming Chrome, but didn't get that confirmed by chat support.


          I began reassigning Map IDs through Project Manager and got about 800 of them done, saving, compiling, and testing regularly to make sure they were still there. I took two days off from RH, and when I came back and opened the project today, all the Map IDs are unassigned again. I didn't do anything with this computer in the meantime. Does anyone have a clue what might be causing the Map IDs to unassign themselves? As far as I can tell, everything else in my project is ok.


          Next step is phone support, I guess.


          Thanks for any suggestions.



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            Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Sorry, but your post probably slipped through the radar.


            When the topics are not linked, do you still have entries in the .ali

            file? Or is that one empty as well? Did you try removing the CPD file?


            As for manually restoring, if you have a working output (with CSH), you

            can use one of my recovery scripts

            (http://www.wvanweelden.eu/product-category/recovery-script) to recover

            the context sensitivity from the output and apply it in your source project.


            Kind regards,



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              Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Chrome probably has nothing to do with this one – sounds like you’ve got a damaged RH project.

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                carma3 Level 1

                Hello Willam,


                Thanks for your reply. It appears that something is destroying the .ali file. Summary of events: After the first time the map IDs disappeared, I was told by Adobe support to restore manually and that map IDs are stored in BSSCDefault.h file. Did that, but map IDs were not saved after manually restoring. A few entries in the BSSCDefault.h file, but certainly not the 2300+ entries included in my project. Adobe support did not have an answer for why map IDs disappeared initially and then again after restoring/saving.


                Per your advice, I deleted the CPD file and checked the .ali file. It was blank. I replaced that .ali file with a backed up copy. This restored the links between map IDs and topics. Saved/compiled, and now the .ali is completely blank again. So I can create an output file, but each time I close RH, the .ali records disappear.


                Any ideas?