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    EDGE animations not running smoothly on iPad


      Hi everybody out there.


      I‘m trying to have a simple (slide and zoom) ken burns like full page EDGE animation in our DPS folio.


      The animation works like charme in the browser preview on my mac and is running smoothly without any issues. Only when I place the OAM in Indesign and preview it on the iPad (3) the animation plays back chunky. Well not exactely chunky, but it always stops once in the middle. Sometimes just for a brief moment, sometimes like up to nerly a second. It also happens when I test the HTML in mSafari. Not as bad, but definitvely also noticably.


      Since I‘m fairly new to EDGE I don‘t really have a clou where to start optimising. It‘s a real simple animation (just one image moving and slightly zooming with some easing in and out, and one text element fading in) and the resulting oam is just about 790k.


      Has anybody encountered anything similar or maybe even knows a solution to the problem? Any advise is greartly apreciated since it starts driving me nuts.


      Indesign CC

      Edge CC

      PDF folio v27


      Best regards any many thanks in advance,