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    ID CC: Table Styles - help, please!


      Before I get gray hair all over: Someone enlighten me on table styles, please!


      All I want to achieve is:

      Get a table with:

        • 1 row
        • 2 columns, each one with a different cell style (let's call them CellStyle1 and CellStyle2)



      What I did:

      • Create 2 different cell styles, each one with a special paragraph style
      • Create a new table style with these attributes under General | Cell Styles:
        • left column: CellStyle1
        • right column: CellStyle2



      Now, when I create a New Table with 1 row and 2 columns using my table style, I end up with a table with both columns having cell style [None] and some paragraph style but not the one defined in the cell style.


      When I apply the table style to any existing table (1 row, 2 columns), nothing happens, no cell gets the desired style.

      Sometimes I have the option 'apply table style and clear cell styles', but that too doesn't apply any cell style.


      I tested back and forth, but cannot find a solution. Table styles as they are in ID CC at the moment are almost completely useless for me. Neither can I easily create a new table with cells formatted the way I want, nor can I reformat tables and its cells with a 'single click'.


      Paragraph styles, character styles and cell styles work the way I want and expect, but table styles are completely different and, for me, are not really usable. What I can do with table styles and what works is drawing table borders when applying a table style.


      Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or I misunderstood table styles completely, can someone help me out here?