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    move files to folders


      How can I move files to folders?


      I'm new to photoshop touch, so I expected I can move a file by 'tab and hold' to enter into an edit-mode, even I can't find an edit btn to edit files and folders?


      Please help.

      Thanks :)!

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          joerg eberhardt Employee Moderator

          Within the gallery please choose "Move Projects" from the top bar menu.

          Select a project you want to move and tap OK.

          Select a folder and tap OK.

          That`s it


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            inlinear Level 1

            Joerg, thank you for the really quick help :))) O.K. I got it right in the moment of your reply, Tabbing the folder-icon includes the move option.


            But the UX / usability of this function is a little sub-optimal. Dear Photoshop Developers, please see apples native apps techniques for this kind of usability or apps like omni graffle which use principles of nui.


            Best regards