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      I've just finished upgrading Flash, and unbidden it installed some sort of malware called 'Google Chrome'.  Will it always do this, or shall I just uninstall Flash to prevent it happening again?

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          Mike M Level 6

          Google Chrome is a browser. It's NOT malware. It's LEGITIMATE software. It may be unwanted, but it ISN'T malware.

          Re: bundling.

          1. It's not just Adobe that does this. More than a dozen major software companies "bundle" software with downloads and updates.

          2. It's been a common practice for more than ten years and it isn't going to change or stop anytime soon.

          3. This is a user-to-user forum, with just a few employees who participate on a limited basis only. NO Adobe management participates here or reads these forums.


          Griping here won't stop the bundling.

          Boycotting Adobe won't stop the bundling.

          Even threats of lawsuits won't stop the bundling.


          Believe me, I've seen just about everything short of terrorism threatened over this and if ANYONE in management had the intention of ending it, they haven't shown it since 2003.

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            Snodlander1 Level 1

            Gosh, that's the first time my tongue-in-cheek humour has been equated with terrorism.  I bet I'll have the NSA in stitches.  I recognise common practice, but most companies at least give the option to decline the 'offer'

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              Mike M Level 6


              I, and others post these FULL installer links: Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer) and Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers) literally hundreds of times, each week, here.


              I agree it's not customer friendly to "blind install" unwanted software. I've seen it myself testing an update link. I screenshot everything and reported it. Guess what? That was July, and nothing has chagned. I doubt it will.


              Fot that reason (with the exception of Windows Update - which I STILL go through item-by-item and only select what I want), I DO NOT use "updaters" for any software I have installed. It's a PITA, yes, but it beats the he|| out of having to uninstall Norton, McAffee or Google Chrome and Toolbar.