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    How can I put a mathematically if - formula in a field of a pdf - form?

    kb-NetCom Level 1

      Hello together,


      I am absolutely unexperienced with JavaScript.


      I have to implement formulas into a Form.

      In one field I have to add field a and b - but the result should be displayed only, if the result is positiv.

      In the next field the result has to be displayed, when it is negativ.

      this has to be done in about 15 rows and at the end of every row is a resulting field which multiplies the negative or positive number with a price.

      And .. to sum up two more things, I have to add up all numbers which are positive and all numbers which are negative.


      I am quite sure, that this is not really difficult - but it is for me.


      It would be great, If anybody could help me.


      Thanks in advance.