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    Flash player with McAfee install


      Why o why do we get hooked up with an unsolicited install of MacAfee, when installing Flash player.



      The least you can do, is uncheck it, and let me choose to check it!

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          Mike M Level 6

          1. It's not just Adobe that does this. More than a dozen major software companies "bundle" software with downloads and updates.

          2. It's been a common practice for more than ten years and it isn't going to change or stop anytime soon.

          3. This is a user-to-user forum, with just a few employees who participate on a limited basis only. NO Adobe management participates here or reads these forums.


          Griping here won't stop the bundling.

          Boycotting Adobe won't stop the bundling.

          Even threats of lawsuits won't stop the bundling.


          Believe me, I've seen just about everything short of terrorism threatened over this and if ANYONE in management had the intention of ending it, they haven't shown it since 2003.