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      • 1. Re: installing new update of flash player will not install and can't uninstall old verison
        Mike M Level 6

        Google Chrome (even on a Mac) has its own proprietary build of Flash Player ("PepperFlash"). It's modified by Google, embedded by Google, and maintained by Google. While Adobe collaborates with Google for updates and fixes, it's "their baby" once it goes in the browser. It can't be updated through this site. It ONLY updates by updating Chrome.


        There are instructions to perform a "Clean install" (How to perform a "clean install" of Flash Player in Mac OS X) but that's only applicable to the Flash Player plugin for Safari and Firefox.


        You can try this:

        Go to: [username]/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome ([username]/Library being accessed by holding the "Option" key when clicking "Go" from the Finder menu)

        Inside the Chrome folder is a folder named "PepperFlash".

        Trash it, and empty the trash.

        Relaunch Chrome.

        It should rebuild the plugins from system files. If not, update Chrome and it will.