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      Its catalog time here at my company. We are bringing in a lot of new images. My question is, if I say get another Wine image, is there anyway to insert the wine image to the proper place, without having to manually move all the other images down? There is Image and text, 6 to a page

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Well you haven't told us much abou the project and how the pages are built, so it's pretty hard to answer.


          Are the images now anchored objects so they move with the text during editing, or are the free-floating? Do you use a catalog plugin, Data Merge or any other automation technique to build this?

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            Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

            If built as a long flowing table, then good. Add a row and everything flows and readjusts.


            If built by means of anchored object, then again good. Add text and anchor a new image and everything flows and readjusts.


            If done with separate frames; then bad. Inserting something in the midst of others means you have to manually readjust everything.