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    Can RH7 make JAVAHELP

      Can RH7 make JAVAHELP
      I downloaded the trial version and I cannot see it.
      I tried to contact Adobe with my question and what happens if I want to move from Flare to RH but there aren't any humans involved. I am in Israel and have to phone them when they are at work (in the night here) why is that.
      Maybe I am better off at Flare.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Mike and welcome to our community

          Yes, RoboHelp 7 offers a JavaHelp ability. Assuming you have the proper components installed to create the JavaHelp output. I don't believe the install of RoboHelp has ever included all that is needed for JavaHelp.

          In version 7, just create a basic WebHelp project. Once you get it created, click View > Pods > Single Source Layouts. Then right-click the Single Source Layouts and choose to create a new layout. When you do that, you have the option of choosing JavaHelp from the Output Type.

          Cheers... Rick
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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            Hi Mick.

            Me thinks you'd better start by looking at this topic on Peter Grainge's site. It covers a lot of what you need to do to provide JavaHelp with RH.
            Best of luck.
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              PAPA-MIKE Level 1
              Well that was relatively painless.
              I have downloaded the 30 free trial version.
              Can I use the output to send a customer?


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                Ben Minson Level 2

                As far as I know, there aren't any limitations on RH's functionality in the trial version--it just requires a license key after the 30 days are up. Help outputs from the trial aren't broken, nor are there any messages inserted automatically saying "This help system was generated with Adobe RoboHelp 7 Trial Version," etc. I seem to remember the version 6 trial doing that, but Adobe bagged that this time around.

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                  PAPA-MIKE Level 1
                  Thanks everyone for taking the time to help.
                  It is a mute point now as the Word document that converted in RH5 although with many style errors bombs out when trying to load in RH7.
                  I'll look for some tips loading a problematic document other than trying to load only half of the document (540 pages) and see which half has the problem.
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                    RoboColum(n) Level 5
                    Have you checked Peter Grainge's topic on importing Word docs? Click here for that. Failing this, I think you may have to resort to splitting the file up to see where the problem arises.
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                      PAPA-MIKE Level 1
                      Yep thanks I did that and was pretty impressed.
                      I loaded the file in RH5 and I just have to go page by page and fix the fonts and insert the few missing pictures.
                      It would be so nice to have some kind of indication on what the problem is and where it is in the document.
                      I was thinking of halving it until I found the bad section but there could be quite a few. This file could be used in QA but that is another story. I'll go with RH5 for the time being and check RH7 with it until my 30 day trial runs out.
                      Apart from this forum there doesn't seem to be any other humans you can speak to. That is a bit scary.

                      Thanks again.
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                        RoboColum(n) Level 5
                        You could always create an item on Adobe's wish list if you'd like something changed in the product. Believe me, Adobe do listen to all the requests made and have changed some of the functionality to accommodate them.

                        As far as support is concerned, these forums are better than most supplier support mechanisms IMHO. You get a very quick response from a group of real users. It is virtually guaranteed someone has hit your problem before or knows of a workaround.
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                          PAPA-MIKE Level 1
                          Thanks Colum I shall do exactly that. True the response here is pretty amazing.