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    (if) (then) Statement for required fields in an Interactive PDF Form


      So I have created an interactive PDF form for my company. What I would like to know is:


      If i have a field that can be checked, and then has additional options to go with that particular field, once the main option is checked can I make it's sub (children) options be required to fill out.


      For instance.


      I have on my PDF Form


      Copy Coming.   -----   (This is the parent to the sub catagory. If this box is checked i would then like to have its sub catagory children to be required to be filled out)

      - PDF

      - Email               (these are the cildren and are set up as a radial button)

      - Other


      so what i want is, if they click on copy coming i would like it to be required that they fill out in which way its coming.


      Problem being is if it is not required the people we have working here will just pass over it and i need them to have to be required to fill out the box.


      I have multiple fields like this that also need to be set up this way and would greatly appreciate any feedback or help that you all could give.


      Thanks in advance!!!