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    What is the best design tablet with stylus to have an easy interface with Adobe Photoshop?


             What is best design tablet with stylus for use with Adobe Photoshop for this holiday seasons offering 2013?


      I am trying to find a tablet with good stylus  to work with Adobe Design products primarily Photoshop. I would like one that worked in layers with photoshop.


      The folks a Wacom don't even answer the phone just a recorded message go to the web site with questions.  Not a good sign for a company. So what is a good design tablets for pressure sensitive stylus? Will wacom cintiq tablet interface well with Apple Imac IOS 10.8?


      I love my Samsung note 3 but it will not easily transfer images to apple Imac 10.8.


      1. Please help me find tablets with good adobe design interface?  Just tell me which way to jump. It is easier to leave Apple for PC or Android  than to abandon Adobe knowledge. The products have to work together.
      2. Does wacom Cintiq not embrace an easy interface with Apple  Imac IOS 10.8 latest software. Wacom seems to be championing Windows 8 as a companion to their tablet interface.
      3. Can an Ipad deliver good layered designs using adobe software design programs and a stylus?
      4. What should I buy for an Adobe design tablet with pressure sensitive stylus for ths Holiday Season? 
      5. Should i wait until next year?
      6. Will the tablet work in  Photoshop layers?


      this link seemed ominus