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    CFAdmin 'getverityservice method was not found'

    Rick Heck

      I get the above message on start up of CFAdmin on a system that used to work. Had recently applied APSB13-27, but cfadmin worked after that install.


      There are two instances of CF9.01 on the server, the second instance works, the primary does not. On WIndows Server 2008, fully patched, IIS7.


      CF pages work properly. I have re-done the wsconfig for the cfadmin site. Other CF sites are on separate IIS instances on the server. Have applied the CF9 lockdown stuff. This is on a server that has been working for a while.


      JRUN Luancher shows that the 'cfusion' server is running properly. CF 9 version 9,0,2,282541 , Enterprise version . Java version 1.6.


      How to fix? THanks