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    Premiere Elements 11




      I am able to import AVI files into PE11 from a series of tapes taken using Hi8 and mark with splits into various scenes from different events on the tape. I save the file in another folder and can see it in explorer as a PREL file. To open this new file I can't see it from Premiere Elements to be able to add it from the add media drop down and can only add it by double clicking from explorer. The problem with that is that if I try to open another file it closes the previous file down. If I try to drag the file across from explorer I get an "add media failure" message with a description “this type of file is not supported or CODEC is missing”.


      I am really hoping someone can explain how to resolve this problem.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          PREL is a project file, not a video... a project file contains instructions to Premiere Elements on what to do to your video files... you may only open one project at a time


          What is a Project File? Read #10 http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1012847

          -and http://forums.adobe.com/thread/477920?tstart=30

          -Read Bill Hunt on project setup http://forums.adobe.com/thread/919388?tstart=0


          The Tutorial Links Page http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1275830 may also help


          Premiere Elements FAQ List (2 pages of FAQ as of September 2013) http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere_elements/premiere_elements_faq?view=all

          Premiere Elements TIPS List (6 pages of Tips as of September 2013) http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere_elements/premiere_elements_tips?view=all

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            How are you getting your .avi files into a Premiere Elements project in the first place?

            http://help.adobe.com/fr_FR/premiereelements/using/WS5CDA0F91-60F1-4b79-ABF6-E9E75F498DB2. html#WS2AF26FB5-4C63-4c46-9DB3-7249558F6528


            a. Are setting the Premiere Elements project preset to NTSC or PAL Standard or Widescreen?

            b. Then using Add Media/DV Camcorder to open the Premiere Elements Capture Window for a DV data capture firewire into it?


            In the Capture window, you can Save your Capture to the hard drive and/or instruct the program to Add to Timeline.

            a. When you Add to Timeline, your captures will be imported into a new NTSC or PAL Standard or Widescreen project whose project file will be a project.prel file.

            b. At this point, you would have your original DV AVI as video files saved to the hard drive AND copies of those files within the project (project.prel file).


            As John T. Smith has already pointed out - you cannot import a project.prel file into another. In contrast, you can import additional video files into that project (project.prel). So, it is important to make the distinction of project file (project.prel) and source media (such as your original .avi files).


            Let us say that you save close the project.prel that has just received those DV AVI files from the Capture process. You can re-open that project, project.prel file

            a. Opening Premiere Elements 11, going to File Menu/Open Project, looking for your project name, and opening that project. After it opens, you can add video files, not project files, to that project via Add Media/Files and Folders and also via other applicable choices.

            b. You could also open that project.prel file by going to where it is saved to the hard drive (by default in Windows - Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/11.0, in your case), right clicking the named project.prel file there, selecting Open With, and then Premiere Elements 11.


            Please review the above and let us know if any of this applies to your situation.


            Please do not hesitate to ask if you need clarification on anything written.





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              Jim123NZ Level 1

              John this has clarified quite a lot and I am very appreciative. As usual

              you must get tired hearing from people with the same or similar issues.


              I do struggle though to work out how best to use an original AVI copy that

              I have split into various scenes that I want to merge with other scenes

              from other AVI tapes. For instance getting all video copy in one file

              relating to the same person or topic.


              After having gone through splitting one very long AVI tape I rendered it to

              end up with a bunch of AVI files with video from each of the splits. What I

              had hoped was that I could then pick from these individual files to merge

              with others. The problem is that these smaller AVI files are single video

              track only and therefore when I import them they do't let me do the cool

              things I wanted to do with video and sound.


              Is there another way to achieve that?


              Many thanks

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Have you looked into importing your videos into the Element Organizer where you can create Albums and otherwise organize the files that you have. You can import Albums and files from the Elements Organizer into Premiere Elements workspace.


                More later if necessary.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  When you say:

                  I do struggle though to work out how best to use an original AVI copy that

                  I have split into various scenes that I want to merge with other scenes

                  from other AVI tapes. For instance getting all video copy in one file

                  relating to the same person or topic.

                  You must remember that in that editing Project, the one where you edited the scenes, if you have done a Save, or Save_As, you have NOT output a video file - only the PREL, or Project file, which will Open in PrE, but cannot be Imported into PrE with Add/Get Media.


                  To have a file, that CAN be Imported into another PrE Project, you will need to output a video file, such as DV-AVI, FROM that Project. Depending on one's version of PrE, that would be done via Export, Share or Publish+Share. As you have PrE 11, it would be done via Publish+Share, and then the output selection would be for Computer. There, one can scroll down to get to the DV-AVI Preset. THAT will get you an output AV file, that CAN be Imported into another PrE Project.


                  Good luck, and hope that helps.



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                    Jim123NZ Level 1

                    Thank you ATR.


                    I am beginning to get the "picture".


                    I definitely was getting the prl file confused with an avi file with the



                    I'm trying to sort out how I can achieve what I want to do in the most

                    efficient way.


                    Many thanks

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                      Jim123NZ Level 1

                      Bill as per my note to ATR I'm getting there and your advice along with ATR

                      and John Smith has saved me from much anguish and frustration. Many thanks


                      I am now trying to work out how I can cut up the original avi files so I

                      can easily extract the parts for each subject matter.


                      I think I have the issue clarified in my mind and will work through the




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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        We will give you some space to sort through the information at hand to achieve your video editing goals.


                        We will be watching for further developments.


                        However, in the scheme of things, if you find yourself with large size .avi file saved to the computer hard drive and you want to split them into clips to be stored according to subject matter, you might consider the principles that are in my following blog post


                        In the blog post, I use the Preview Window Set In and Set Out points to split the video into clips

                        a. to be dragged to the Timeline


                        b. saved as project media as subclips in Project Assets


                        More later.