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    Track Changes colors not working when story contains table

    bo.johnson Level 1

      Can anyone duplicate this problem/bug, or let me know if it is just my machine?

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Make sure your Edit > Preferences > Story Editor has non-black text colors defined for Added Text, Deleted Text, and Moved Text.
      2. Create document, and draw a text box
      3. Inside the text box, Right-click > Fill with Placeholder Text
      4. With the cursor in the text box, turn on Track Changes and Show Changes from the Track Changes pallette:
      5. Open the Story Editor with Ctrl/Cmd-Y
      6. Cut/paste, delete, and insert some text.
      7. Confirm colors appear in Story Editor as defined in step 1:
      8. Now insert a table anywhere in the story. For me, all non-black text coloring (bg stays fine) disappears:


      Is this an InDesign bug, or something I'm experiencing on my own machine? I've been able to duplicate the issue in InDesign CS6, InDesign CC and InCopy CC on my Win7 Pro 64-bit machine.