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    Fillable PDF licencing restrictions


      We need two types of forms


      1. HTML based forms with online submission (We would like to use FormsCentral for this)


      2. Fillable PDF forms where users could partly complete the form, save the form locally, collect other relevant information to accompany the form then fax, post or email the completed form and related documents, with no need for online submission.


      For our second type of form, (as listed above)

      we would like to import an existing Acrobat PDF form into FormsCentral, then download and edit it in Acrobat Pro to remove the FormsCentral submit button and resave it as a reader enabled form.

      Our users would be able to save the completed form (as it's reader enabled) or print it via the reader menu options.



      Would this form be subject to the FormsCentral licensing for PDF forms for the number of form receipts (via email, post etc)

      or would this form be subject to the Adobe livecycle restrictions of no more then 500 receipts.


      We are hoping that if the form passes through FormsCentral then it is subject to the FormsCentral licencing scheme.


      Thanks in advance.

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          If you Reader Enable the form within Acrobat then the EULA restriction of 500 responses applies. If you don't then it doesn't apply.


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            felsmand Level 1

            Thanks Randy, and to clarify, does that include creating your PDF in the desktop version of Formscentral, which is bundled with Acrobat?

            For example, would PDF's created with the desktop version of Formscentral be subject to Formscentral restrictions or the EULA?


            Also, I note that when you create a form within FormsCentral you can distribute it via the web or as a pdf form.

            Then if you choose to distribute it as a pdf who have the choice of leaving the submit button on or off.


            Alternatively, if you create a form by importing an existing PDF, then redistribute it from Formscentral as a PDF by downloading it, can it be saved without the submit button?

            At the moment I don't see that option available for imported PDF forms?



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              For whatever it is worth...I really sympathize and agree with felsmand.

              Adobe should understand that people are just looking for simplicity. The Adobe world of products and licensing and restrictions and packages and bundles and such is just too complex.


              Look...FC costs what $20 bucks a year? and if you have it then your deployed acroforms are no longer limited to the "500" rule. Ok so far?

              Now your user...felsmand...wants to make acroforms that are not necessarily deployed to FC because he just wants to use them in some sort of email attachment workflow. This is reasonable. Lots of people in the real world would like to do this.

              But FC is what supercedes the 500 restriction and Adobe makes about $240 per year from a Plus FC license.


              NEWSFLASH ADOBE: I would pay $500 per year to be able to deploy unlimited acroforms outside of FC...just as email attachments.


              Just make it simple for us and make money for yourselves. OR we go back up this discussion to the "gymnastics" that felsmand is forced to propose.