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    Inserting Figure # mid-document


      I have been asked to update a document in InDesign that was previously created by another individual. I am new to InDesign so I have been working to learn the software by watching youtube videos and reading tutorials online.


      I need to insert information that is missing so I inserted a new pages (pages 166-167) and I am now attempting to insert a Figure# for the image I need there.


      The Figure # is setup as a Paragraph Style.

      There are Figure #s that exist on later pages in the document from the one I have inserted.


      This Figure # should be 8. However, 8 and 9 already exists on later pages (170-171). When I insert a new Figure # from Paragraph Style it inserts #10 instead of 8 and renumbering the ones after it.


      Is it possible to tell it to renumber the existing figures after this one based on page number?


      I also tried deleting the Figure #s from later in the document and creating them in the new order yet it still renumbers them back to what they were which makes no sense at all.


      Thanks in advance for the help

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          Sue@Jump Level 1

          At a guess,

          It sounds like the Paragraph Style may be including options from the Bullets and Numbering category.

          If it is, make sure the numbering 'Mode' is set to 'Continue from previous number', and that all those numbers in your document are using that same paragraph style.

          Hope that helps.

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            raycec Level 1

            I verified the Mode is set to Continue from previous number so that is not the cause.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I have a feeling that they will only renumber if they are all threaded text frames - then it will know that 8 comes before 9 as it's in a continous flow.


              However, standalone text frames will be numbered in the order they are created.


              That is if you have Figure 7, 8, 9 ,10 in text frames not threaded


              Then insert Figure 8 between 7 and the new 9


              The new Figure will be named Figure 11 - because it was created after Figure 10.



              To fix this - I think a Cut and Paste in Place on the following figures would fix this.



              Or you could try the option of Clicking on figure 8 (which should be the new 9) and click the option for Type>Bullets & Numbering>Continue Numbering.

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                raycec Level 1

                I have tried using cut and paste and this has not helped. It pastes the figure# out of order still.


                I also appear to be using a different version than you. I clicked on the Figure# and did Type > Bullets & Numbering Options and there is no Continue Numbering. However, I did define lists and selected the list that shows in the Paragraph Style. I checked Continue Numbering across Stories which is how I get to where I am now. Previously, when I inserted the new Figure it would start at #1. I at least have it trying to sequence now but the sequence is out of order on the pages.


                I am using InDesign CS4

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                  raycec Level 1

                  I found the issue.


                  The individual who original set this up used one long text flow instead of starting a new flow for each section. So when I inserted new pages in the middle of the document, InDesign treated it as a new page at the end because it was not part of the text flow.


                  To work around this I inserted the new pages and redid the text flow. Then I moved everything down and inserted my figure# which is now in the right order. I'll probably redo the entire thing to have proper page breaks between topics instead of one big run on page at a later time.


                  Thank you everyone for your answers regardless. I appreciate the help.