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    Content Aware Move is not working properly


      I have tried numerous times to follow the tutorial. The island will move, however the blending where is was moved from is horrible. No where does it blend well, previous or new location. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks content move tool error.JPG

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          HowardPinsky Level 4

          Hi, CityCricket. Content-Aware can be a tricky tool to work with, but here are some tips that may help.


          • When using Content-Aware Move, try moving the object in small increments. Moving an object too far can leave you with an unnatural blend.
          • When performing a move, you can see a preview as you drag the object. In a case like the one in the tutorial, try to align key lines, such as the horizon.
          • If you find that the blending is too strong, try changing the Adaptation (on the Options Bar). Setting it to "Strong" will instruct Photoshop to blend the surrounding area less than "Medium" or "Loose".
          • As Content-Aware will never be 100% perfect, if the result is close, you can then use another tool, such as the Spot Healing Brush, to touch up the areas that didn't heal correctly.


          I hope that helps a bit.