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    How do I add a bar above text?


      I dont know if this if the first time I have posted here or not.. I believe it it is.


      I do a fair bit of technical writing but have not run in to this problem yet. I need to add a bar over text. This means that a signal is is high rather than low. adding a bar under text is easy as you can just underline text. however I have searched several hours now and I can't find an "overline" option. is there one? if not, how would I add a bar or line over text?


      here is an example of what I want:


      PIC13 Nov. 22 15.20.jpg


      and closer


      PIC12 Nov. 22 15.19.jpg


      I have done this by just adding a line with the line tool. this is not a proper way but I just wanted to illistrate what I'm trying to figure out.


      thanks in advance