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    Taking a snapshot of a video stream

      I want to make an application that acts as a video stream reader from a third party site (ustream.tv or mogulus.com)

      The idea is to connect to several of their streams, and every 5 seconds, save a snapshot of the current video feed and post that to a website which will be served to cellphones.

      I don't want to deliver the video to cellphones, I want to keep it simple, and I suppose if I build a custom stream reader I could do this. Also, Ustream.tv or Mogulus.com don't offer any apis or webservices for you to fetch a snapshot of their live streams on demand... something like this would be awesome

      -> http://mogulus.com/nameOfChannel/snapshot
      and that would return a PNG of the current state of that <nameOfChannel>, but it's not a perfect world.

      Is this possible?