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    Problem printing from Photoshop CC to HP;s newly released  Z5400 Postscxript inkjet printer

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      Saddly HP's support personel are still using PS 5 for help wiht printing problems. They've only got Windos 7 too which doens't make getting useful information from them viable. The problem I'm experiencing is printing to 24" canvas on this 44" capable printer. Only been in Australia for a month and had its firmware updated. I create a lot of canvas panoramas 20" x 40". I need to print them 24" x 44" to facilitate gallery wrap on artists frames. OK so with all prevous printers I had no problems using the Photoshop 'print ' command and setting the specifications in the diaglogue provided by Photoshop.


      With this printer I get additional options all accessable either by PC from Photoshop or via a touch screen on the printer itself. THe problem I can't get solved by HP (who naturally blame Adobe for it) is that no matter what I declare the paper widtyh to be and subsequently the printed image, the printer attempts to print a 44" wide image on 24" paper. Nothing to do with orientation of the image. Nothing to do with any settings in Photoshop either so please don't go through the basics, I've spent 21/2 hours on the Phone with HP doing that.


      If I use save as PDF to Adobe 9/10 editable in Photoshop, I can print the image using Adobe Acrobat XL Pro. Nice quality, correct colour but... It's not printing in Photoshop, I've got to add another layer of complexity to get the result. According to HP I'm the only person in the whole world wiht this problem. Well the printert has only just been released and it's not promoted as a canvas specific printer so maybe I'm just the first of many who will follow in my footsteps. Recognize the economy of using one of these machines and thier ability to produce lifelike colours and fall into the same pit I'm in. Support staff with out dated equipment and software who cant duplicate to problems.


      Apart from giving up my subscription to CC and reverting back to version 5 Photoshop, has any one got a suggestion as to whyt this would be happening and what can be done to fix it?


      The automatic nature of controls this printer uses is half the problem. The fact it doesn't come with a users manual is another part of the puzzle and the way you have to select a paper type in order to get the print heads to lift for canvas printing by selecting paper type all add to the problem on what is happening. But at the end of the day, I suspect because I can print these images from Corel PhotoPaint, Even Irfanview using the print driver the way it is intended to be used suggests to me the issue is in Photoshop CC.


      Any help of a cconstructive nature will be most welcome.


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          I'm having similar problems attempting to print from Illustrator CC to an HP Z6200. I have 36" media. so, if I attempt to print a piece that is 72"x36" I would just set it to print 'short edge first' and everything would be fine. However, with CC it keeps rotating the job and the printer automatically scales it to fit the paper (36"x18"). This is really annoying, hopefully there is a fix for this soon

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            Don't hold your breath waiting for HP to solve this. They blaim Adobe for wanting to control a device that is not theirs. My problem is about to be solved by HP buying back my printer! Have you tried saving your file as a PDF and using HP instant printing Pro?  You might have to dig out a few different versions of this masterpiece but it will print to your printer placing your image where it should be. I'm serious in saying I will never own another product with HP as it's origine.They offer great support and give none. They promote the "Z" series as suitable for photographers but most of the drivers and Windows 8.1 won't work with any Adobe 'cc' program and its not like these came out yesterday, is it?


            Take some screen videos of what you do and what happens. Send them to HP support telling then your next destination is the board of management if they don't get serious about a problem that shouldn't exist and they'll pretty quickly offer to buy it back off you. Get an Epson with the refund money. You'll never regret the effort you went to to get one. HP beautiful prints crap interface. Did you knowc the print driver 'lab' is in Spain and they don't have any internet access? Crazy level of security or do they just not trust themselves with technology?

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              Well... I fixed the problem a little differently. I got a 100% + costs refund from HP themselves and bought an Epson! Boy, was that ever the right decision to make. I've had not a single problem with the Epson where the HP gave me a litany of endless drama. I can't understand why a printer maker needs to create faulty and bug ridden software that wants to take control over both Windows and Photoshop and then they try and blame everyone except themselves.


              The HP Z5400 postscript printer proved one important thing to me... You only ever get what you pay for. I run canvas about4 to 5 hours a day with the Epson. I had to stay at work past 8 hours a day just to get the same amount of work out of the HP. For speed, I've never had anything faster than a Canon 8100 but the hidden costs of ownership are horrendous. The HP was the cheapest printer I've had and the slowest. The Epson is economical to run, performs at a reasonable speed and doesn't have any hidden costs.


              After 5 months of hassling HP to get the "next day, on-site" support I paid $1200 extra for and never got, I can guarantee you I'll never , ever own another Hewlett Packard product again. I had to go to the Asian Pacific head off to get anyone who'd listen to me. The Australians wanted me to sign a form I'd keep my mouth shut and sacrifice nearly a grand I'd put into it before talking about a refund. Then I discovered they'd been fined 3 MILLION bucks by the competition and consumer watch dog in Australia over telling someone who bought a $200 printer to go take a walk when it dropped its guts a few weeks after buying it. That mob is pure poison for consumers.

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                we found a workaround for for Adobe sending "scale to fit" for no good reason:

                in the print dialog, under setup, use "custom" paper size instead of "defined by driver".


                good luck

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                  Sadly I am running into a similiar issue. I try to print from Photoshop cc 2017 to HP Z5400 (everything updated, reinstalled, etc.) and Photoshop is deciding to rezie my print. In my case it is scaling the final print up. For instance look at the images I am providing and keep in mind that scale to fit and all of that is turned off everywhere I could possibly find it. I know it is a Photoshop to printer issue because if I save my Photoshop file as a PDF and print from acrobat it works fine. I understand the sane thing to reply back with is just print from Acrobat but why is this happening? The exact same file is printing differently depending on if it was printed from Acrobat as PDF or from Photoshop as PDF. Photoshop is rescaling every type of file. I thought I would show this example because it is obvious there is something going on when printing from Photoshop. Can someone please enlighten me as to why this is happening? I need to print from Photoshop but I can't because my prints are being rescaled?