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    .w3d file texture size limits

      I am wondering why I am having trouble exporting large texture sizes from 3d max in a .w3d file. I end up with "noise" instead of the actual texture.

      What I'm doing is this:
      - I'm rendering a 3d panorama using the panorama utility in 3d max at the highest rendering.
      - I have 3 options to save from there: cylindrical, spherical and qtvr (there's no cubic option unfortunately, unless I'm missing something here...)
      - I've saved all of them in various formats.
      - I then create sphere, drag and drop the rendered panorama texture into the sphere, create a camera and export to .w3d
      - To keep the same resolution, I make sure it is at "no limits" when exporting. If I choose 512, it looks like crap quite frankly. I'm trying to make it look as good as the qtvr version, which retains incredible sharpness.

      For some reason, if I have the file size over 1536X768, shockwave doesn't like it. And yet, I need as high a texture possible to allow "good looking" real-time panoramas.
      The qtvr version works amazing in Director...but there is a disctinct lack of control and you have to make the hotspots in another program. I want to do it all in director.
      1024X512 - works
      1536X768 - works
      2048X1024 - doesn't work, goes noisy
      3072X1536 - Looks the best, but doesn't work, goes noisy
      So why would this be?
      Surely there must be a way to export higher res textures in .w3d format..?

      Here is the actual link to a screen shot of the "noise":
      http://s92.photobucket.com/albums/l37/dragonspoop/?action=view&current=Shockwave-3d-proble ms-1.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch1

      Any help would be very much appreciated! Thank you...
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          duckets Level 1
          Is that screenshot from max's export preview? If so, try opening the actual w3d - I think the problem is just in the export window, and not in the actual w3d.

          I just tested with a 2048x1024 texture, I saw the same 'noise' as you in max's preview window, but when opening the w3d in director it looked fine.

          hope this helps,

          - Ben
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            duckets Level 1
            couple more points:

            * I tried 4096x2048, also had noise in the max preview, but displayed fine in the resulting w3d.

            * non power-of-two sized textures will be automatically resized to the nearest power of two texture (might always be downwards actually), so it's not worth bothering with sizes like 1536X768 or 3072X1536, because they won't actually be displayed at that resolution anyway.

            - Ben

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              duckets Level 1
              Sorry, one more thought

              If you want to generate the images for the 6 sides of a cubic VR, just create a camera and adjust its FOV to 90 degrees, place it in the centre of your scene, and use the standard render option to render a square image (power of two dimensions, remember) in each of the 6 directions. Make sure 'angle snap' is on, and just rotate your cam to get each of the views.

              - Ben
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                dragonspoop Level 1
                Hi :)
                Thank you for taking the time to help me out! It's been very frusterating, to say the least....
                Fantastic advice Ben and I will try it right now, to see if it works! I' will post again soon to let you know..

                As for the cube part, do you know how to use the Reflect/Refract map option to render out cube panoramas? I know it exists, but am having trouble using it...mainly, what object I am supposed to "select" when it tells me to pick an object.
                Basically, I just want a camera in the 3d room and have it automatically generate the 6 graphics of the room for me. Just not sure how to have it generate those cube maps... Do I select the "camera," a "wall"..?
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                  Level 7
                  You might also want to have a look at my SPi-V engine, a Shockwave3d
                  based panorama viewer. It reads normal images, as opposed to a w3d model
                  with images wrapped to it, and it accepts arbitrary image sizes. The
                  images are chopped up into 'powers of 2' chunks before they are
                  displayed, to ensure maximum image quality.


                  The SPi-V movie can be embedded into Director projects as an LDM.
                  Documentation is available here:


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                    duckets Level 1
                    Not sure how to do it automatically, never tried it. But it's pretty simple to do it manually using the method I described - that's how I've always done it. (camera with FOV 90 degrees, render square images, and manually turn the camera to each of the 6 sides).

                    - Ben