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    Effects control

      I'm trying to get an "announcements" panel working that will display a set of announcements - each in turn for a short period before moving on the the next. I'd like the effects to perform thusly:

      - get next announcement
      - mx:WipeDown to reveal announcement
      - mx:Pause
      - mx:WipeUp to hide the announcement
      - repeat

      It all seems to work fine. I'm using the effectEnd event to trigger the next effect or get the next announcement. But here's the rub: on mouseOver, I want to pause the chain of effects. That's not too hard - just detect which effect isPlaying and pause it. But while paused, I want to show the announcement in full (i.e. not half wiped down or up). This means I have to either force an end() the WipeDown (but that of course just fires off an effectEnd event which sets the next effect running) or somehow rollback the WipeUp.

      What's the best way to handle this?