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    No System setting PAL available


      I have After Effects CS6.

      I the pul down menu of the set up settings I have only NTSC available. There is no option to set the software to PAL.

      I have a PAL-system.

      Do I have the wrong Software version?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You don't understand the first thing about AE! Sorry, but you really need to read the help! Framerates are defined in the project settings, comp settings, footage interpretation, render setiings and a million other places as are resolutions, field settings and so on. There are no specific PAL or NTSC versions or whatever....



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            VideoJos Level 1

            Dear Mylenium,


            You did put it a little blund, but your rigth.

            AE CS6 is new to me. I am working with the versions of Pr in combination with  Matrox MXO2(now CS6) for many years.


            As the CS6 version of Pr and also the Matrox software has been wiped clean with special effect, I though about AE and bougth that.


            Sinds my questions I have studdied the Help file and bougth also the Adobe Press lessons.


            However, one big problem is not solved:

            I work with HDV-footage. This is not working properly in AE6.


            As soon as I import HDV footage in a compesition and play it, I have artefects / Block noise intervals.


            My compesition settings are acoording to HDV-Material and the frame rate is 25.



            Also rendering does not help. I consulted a dealer and they told me that AE has problems using HDV clips.

            Using HD or SD should not be a problem.


            If that turns out to be through, than I have made a very bad deal and partly useless software.


            Perhaps for sombody this sounds familiar?




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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              AE does not generally have problems with HDV clips. Not in the latest version. However, you've not given us any useful info to do any troubleshooting. Screenshots of the issue you're describing would be good. Also, do you have the latest update to CS6? Your AE should be version 11.0.3

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                VideoJos Level 1

                Sorry for the late respond Szalam, I have have been out for some time.

                appreciate your help.


                After the last update AE CS6 11.04.2 the artefects and block noise intervals are gone.


                It plays smooth now!


                Thanks for the respond.



                (I also worked my self through the interactive book of AE  CS6 "Classroom in a book",

                Which is very good stuff, if you are starting from zero with after effects. However, it does not deal with or explains  the "pref settings" )


                Case closed.Thanks again.



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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Thanks for letting us know what worked for you!