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    Flash player not recognized on windows RT, although it is downloaded and enabled.


      I want to upload pictures on facebook, but i cannot upload more than one at a time without the flash player.  So i click to download the flash player from the link on facebook, but the page that opens says that the flash player is already integrated with internet explorer on windows 8 (i have windows RT, NOT the full version of windows 8).  It does seem to be integrated into my explorer still because it is on my addons list, however when i click to test whether the flash player is working, it says im not using internet explorer in windows 8.  So i go to the next page and check to see if its installed, and it says its either not installed or not enabled.  Under the system information directly below that, it says its not installed.  So then i try to install it, but then it goes back to the original page where it says its already integrated into windows 8 so it wont let me download it.  Anyways I follow the instructions to make the addon i have is enabled, and I see that it is already enabled.  Then i try to the active X filtering solution and that does nothing.  Finally it says to make sure my internet explorer is updated completely and it is.  I also can't use any other internet browser because they don't work on windows RT.  Please help me.