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    Never mind! Found it.

      I have a legacy system in which the prior procedures call for me to check out EVERYTHING in the tree prior to doing any work with RH (HTML). That's thousands of files and is cumbersome. The rational is that RH opens and updates its internal files, and we don't know which ones, so we have to open and check-in ALL the files to make sure we don't get out of synch with Source Control (not RH Source Control).

      I find this wasteful and inelegant. Is there a list somewhere of all the files that RH HTML X5 opens and maintains behind the scenes that I can use to check out only the files necessary?


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          Ben Minson Level 2

          Welcome to the forums.

          Are you saying that the procedures require you to check out all the application or site code in addition to your RH source because RH may change some of that external code? To my knowledge, RH source is not connected to anything else in a way that it will make automatic changes to anything outside the project. I don't know about an official list, but I have seen (by using the Tortoise client for both CVS and SVN) that if you make edits to RH source files, those files change of course, and then I believe the .cpd file is about the only other thing that changes.

          You could try downloading and installing Tortoise if it works for the version control system you use. Tortoise shows graphically within Windows Explorer which files have changed since the last time you checked a directory into the repository. If you change nothing besides your RH source, Tortoise would plainly show that RH isn't touching the application or site's code.

          Hope this helps,

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            Keith_Novice Level 1

            Thanks for taking a look at this and pointing out that I poorly defined my problem! However, I've moved past this for the moment. I'm posting another question shortly.

            Thanks again,