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    CFSelect Problem

      I am having a problem with CFSELECT (w/ in a FLASH FORM) and SELECTED.

      The query that populates the drop-down select box is:

      <CFQUERY NAME="GetUsers">
      select last_name || ', ' || first_name as uname
      from users

      Example: uname= Doe, John

      The query that the form uses is:

      <CFQUERY NAME="GetDetail">
      select id, type, name
      from activities
      where activity_id = '#URL.ID#'

      Example: name = Doe, John

      The CFSELECT:

      <cfselect name="user" query="GetUsers" display="uname" value=uname" label="User Name:" queryPosition="below" selected="#GetDetail.name#"><option value="">Select a Name</option> </cfselect>

      The problem is that the CFSELECT is deliminating by the comma and separating the first, last names into multiple fields which do not match the SELECT value.

      I need to be able to format the names in this manner any suggestions on how to accomplish the use of the CFSELECT with a comma in the name?