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    Making Checkbox complete a function? HELP



      First and foremost, forgive me if I do not explain this in technically correct fashion. I have enough knowledge to understand, but not enough to be dangerous. In other words, I probably have no clue what I am talking about!


      I am working with Adobe Xi Pro. I have a form that I have four fields. 1. CostVehicle 2. Trade 3. Rebate 4. TaxValue

      I have discovered how to calculate the TaxValue box to where CostVehicle-Trade-Rebate will give me the Taxable Value


      However, I want to add a checkbox behind the Taxable Value. The scenario I would like to happen is as follows:


      If the check box is selected noting an AOD (act of donation) then the TaxValue field will either equal 0.00 or state AOD but when the checkbox is NOT checked then I would like my calculation to remain the same from CostVehicle-Trade-Rebate


      Is this possible? I have done some searching and feel like a javascript would be what I need to write to make this function to happen. However, again I am not sure whether to javascript or not to javascript?!


      Any information would help!


      Many thanks,



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