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    Photomerge does not show results


      Hello together, I need my Photomerge CS 6 for stitching many Panels. Normaly it works not Problems with the Performance (32 GB Ram, powerful Mac Pro).

      Today I have the Problem that the Software match the Pictueres, but does not Show the results, you see only a black Window with no Pictures at all, only the normal Window from the PS when you start teh software.

      In renamde all Files I can found in the Libary, but I can´t found the the ecpellillay PS Temp Datei.

      Maybe One can help me. Thanks ! al LoT !!!

      Jürgen from Bonn Germany

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried different options for the Merge?  (as oposed to using Automatic)  Was the camera horizontal, or did it have a strong degree of tilt?  If yes, then Spherical might work better. 


          Check out Russell Brown's excellent tutorial here



          Are the images definitely suitable for the merge with adequate overlap and sufficient reference point for Photoshop to work on.  


          Instead of using Photomerge from Bridge, try loading into Photoshop layers > Select all the layers > Auto Align layers > Auto blend layers (Useing seamless tones and co,ours).


          Or do you think it is a glitch, in which case it might be a video driver problem (I don't do Macs)


          Good luck.

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            rotomax Level 1

            Hello Trevor.Dennis,

            thanks for your answer. The System works normally "perfect", I do many jobs with the same Camera and Computer.

            I stopped some Photo Merges, because it takes to long time. After that the Software does not fit. The Problem is maybe a PS Reference File, ore something like this. But I cant found it.

            Best RegardsJuergen