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    formscentral subscriptions


      bought adobe xi pro. Had talked to customer service at length to ensure that it would come with formscentral as the was the main purpose for getting the software. we preferred buying it once, rather than pay a monthly subscription fee. I asked a number of times to ensure that I could create and use as many forms as i wanted with formscentral with the purchase of adobe xi pro, and was told, each time, yes. Now I have the software, and go to use formscentral and am told that i need to upgrade my subscription to create a form. Not sure where to go from here, and help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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          It sounds like this was not explained very well by customer service and I apologize for that.  You do get additional functionality from FormsCentral with your Acrobat XI purchase but you do not get a "lifetime subscription", it does not provide you with the same services that are part of the subscription but does allow you to create unlimited PDF forms that you can distribute using any traditional methods of PDF form distribution...


          FormsCentral is a service unique from Acrobat at a subscription level used to create online forms and collect and manage/analyze those responses in FormsCentral.  The subscription allows a user to have up to 5 online forms in the Basic subscription leve, and unlimted forms in the Plus subscription level.  See this chart for a more complete comparison of the Free, Basic and Plus plans



          By purchasing Acrobat XI you get the FormsCentral desktop application which is an authoring tool allowing you to easily create unlimited forms and save to PDF to distribute however you please (a Free level account on FormsCentral cannot create PDF, but with Acrbobat XI you can create unlimted PDFs).  You can save to PDF from the "File" - "Save as PDF" menu item.  You do not need to be signed in to do this, or you can be signed into a Free accoun, you can also sign up for a Free FormsCentral account to explore the features of the subscription and online forms where the response data is collected by FormsCentral.