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    Fireworks 8 suddenly won't launch

    dreammediauk Level 1
      I've been using Fireworks 8 on Vista Home Premium quite happily until last night. When I tried to launch Fireworks, I received an Internal Error message telling me that Fireworks was unable to launch. I rebooted, and had the same problem.

      My first thought was that the install had been corrupted, so I re-installed - same problem.

      I then wondered if a recent Windows update may have a conflict with Fireworks, so I restored the system to a checkpoint dated previous to when I last successfully used Fireworks - still have same problem - it just won't launch!!

      I don't know what else to try; the only software I have installed recently has been Google Sketchup 6, and Open Office. I have searched for a solution online, but I'm yet to find anything helpful.

      Thanks in anticipation of any help!