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    OpenLaszlo Vs Flex

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      Hi to all, I'm new to RIA world and I have to project and develop one as a University's final work.

      As said I got to develop a RIA and I've got to choose between Adobe Flex and Openlaszlo ( http://www.openlaszlo.org/) knowing more or less nothig about this two technologies.

      I suppose you would chose the Adobe product, can you explain me why, which advantages wuold give me using Flex instead of the completely open source OpenLaszlo?

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Flex is also open source.

          Flex has a hotter developer community, and is backed by Adobe, who has the resoruces to keep it up to date.

          Flex is sure to keep up with the latest Flash Player.

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            Laszlo will be much more intensive. In my limited experience with it, it was like developing a flash application without the nice stage interface. In other words, imagine making a movie, but you can only see the script until it is finished.

            Flex has many presents, which makes life quick and easy, but it also locks you down to a specific set of options. Any expansion is extremely intensive, but as long as you stay within the bounds of what is given to you, you will be walking the high life.

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              Zolotoj Level 3
              <Flex has a hotter developer community
              I am not sure about it. There are only a few people and you are one of them who actually help other developers.
              <and is backed by Adobe
              Yes, I have seen one or two Adobies helping here.
              My expectations were higher then what I see here. I think a sad part here is not that developers not helping each other but is that the product itself is not as hot as I thought.
              Hope I am wrong.
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                m_hartnett Level 3
                I have to agree with you about Adobe monitoring this forum.
                I see only a few regular nonAdobe contributors to this forum and rarely see any Adobe members posting help.

                I know that when I was getting going on Java, Sun had lots of seasoned java people monitoring the forums. Questions rarely went unanswered.

                However, I think that Flex is your best choice for RIA. It is fairly new and requires writing a lot of test code just for learning. I use the Cairngorm microarchitecture for implementing MVC in the flex app. I wont build an app without it.

                Good luck
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                  Zolotoj Level 3
                  Like I said, I dont care whether Adobe is helping or not. If a product is hot it will have a vast community helping each other.
                  I have tried some other products. SmartClient is one of them. Excellent product for JS gurus, but if you are not (like most of us, mortals) you are facing same problem: extremely hard to leave the ground. And I see same here: Same very basic questions are getitng asked by many people but no answers. I think one of the problem with Flex is that while it clams to be a good choice for a development of data-centric applications in fact it is really not much done for that. In true data biding environment you dont need to write a single line of a code to show data from data source on the screen or sending data back to it after the user has it changed. Of course, real world applications take alot of coding. But basic stuff shouldn't take neither extensive coding, nore require extreme knowledge.
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                    I don't know much about the traffic in this forum, since I've only visited a time or two, but there are a number of Adobe employees who regularly post to the FlexCoders mailing list:


                    In my experience, Adobe employees are much more accessible than those of your average large tech vendor.
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                      Zolotoj Level 3
                      Thanks for pointing out to the Mailing List. Will give it a try.