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    Sync workspaces not working

    McShaman Level 1

      I have a desktop and laptop both with InDesign CC installed. I have setup my workspaces exactly how I want on the laptop and wanted to use them on my desktop.


      I have Sync settings set to all settings on both the laptop and the desktop. When I click Sync settings through the preferences, from the InDesign menu or from the little icon down the bottom left I get a response saying the sync has been updated. However none of the custom workspaces appear... Even after a restart. I have tried deleting the settings from my Adobe Creative Could account and resyncing and I have even tried reinstalling InDesign. Still no luck.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      I am on Macs running OS 10.9

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you create the custom settings AFTER you set up syncing. Only NEW (not existing) settings are synced.

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            David Cabestany Level 1

            I have the same issue, except nothing is syncing. I even cleared the settings for Indesign online, then I launched CC and synced them again, then I checked online and the new settings appeared right away. After that I launched 2014 and again nothing happened, I neither got the warning dialog telling me that my previous settings have been successfully transferred (per the what's new intro movie) nor the actual shortcuts were loaded, I'm stuck with the default version.


            Unrelated to this but the syncing feature also didn't work in Photoshop. I haven't tried it in Illustrator or Premiere, but I'm afraid to do so.