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    After Effects CS6 - render files huge!


      Ok I am tying myself in knots here.


      I have a 7 second text animation on a plain background in After Effects CS6 which I want to export so I can use it in Premiere Pro CS6 withan alpha channel so i can superimpose it over video. The file is 1080P 25 because that matches my video. the first time I rendered it it came out at 89Mb which was fine. But I wanted to tweak the text positioning so I did that - now every time I render the file is around 1.5Gb!


      I am using Windows so i can't render Quicktime with an alpha channel which means I have to use avi but what settings should I use? (Avi is the only format which allows me to export RGB + alpha).


      I have to say that I have used many video programs in my life but I find After Effects the single most unituitive piece of software I have ever encountered. Why can't it give you an indication of how big your render file is likely to be to gvie youa t least some clue as to what settings to use?