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    particular: obscure with footage?

    lmaclanphere Level 1

      hi folks


      I'm experimenting with some animation brought in from C4D--so I have a keyframed camera, and some corresponding animation/footage in my comp.


      I would like to add some particular effects, and use the objects/footage brought in from cinema as an obscuration layer in particular. I have had success using simple still images/objects with obscuration, but the animated footage is throwing me a curve ball.


      is it even possible? I tried parenting the footage to the camera after making it a 3D layer, and that actually gets it working as an obscuration layer--but then I have the camera and footage moving through 2.5D space, and my particle system just sitting still... so the effect is not right. Do I need to somehow link my emitter position to the camera as well? then I am guessing that using wind/velocity/etc won't work properly...


      any tips?