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    actionscript for contact form correct?

    raggaewoman Level 1
      This is my actionscritpt for the send form. The contact form is in a movie (contact_form) The flash form connects to the php file. When I hit submit. The flash form shows name email in fields instead of typed message. I get no email at my email address..Is this written correctly? or whne using a movie contact is there something special to do?

      on (release){
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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          You should be using LoadVars. Check out This Forum, there is a commonly asked questions area, click the "Email Form AS2/PHP". It will give a detailed description including the PHP and AS you need.
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            sorry am having similar problem. wondering if you could help.


            i have been working on a website for my client using flash, and i had to create a form

            on my contact page that user can use to submit their queries.


            i managed to download a step by step code using php. It guided me through everything

            but my problem is once i uploaded the website on the server the button submit and reset it not doing it job.


            here is the website. www.kulaevent.com


            it takes couple second for the contact form to appear.


            Please help, please

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              Ron Colmen Level 2

              It would have been easier if you had post your code.


              Your code should be something like this.



              var senderLoad:LoadVars = new LoadVars();

              var receiveLoad:LoadVars = new LoadVars()

              your_btn.onRelease = function () {

                   senderLoad.thename = thename.text;

                   senderLoad.themail = themail.text;

                   senderLoad.coment = coment.text;



              receiveLoad.onLoad = function () {

                   if(this.sentOk) {



                   else {







              $to = "you@office.com";

              $subject = "YourSubject";

              $headers = "From:" .$themail."\r\n";

              $message = "Name: " . $thename;    

              $message .= "\nSender: " . $themail;

              $message .= "\nMessage: " . $coment;

              $sentOk = mail("$to",$subject,$message,$headers);

              echo "sentOk=" . $sentOk;



              If you want to send a blind copy use another mail() function there.