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    I am fed up with this...




      Yesterday, I didn't manage to log in to this forum. The signin page was nothing but the logo of Adobe. Anyway, today I can finally log in.


      The problem now is, I couldn't install nor update Adobe Flash Player. Everytime when I wanted to update/install the Player with the setup, the setup never ran. I cannot get past step 2 of the installation. (Bear in mind that I can download the setup/installer, but I cannot install with it).


      What I have done:


      1. Uninstalling Adobe Flash Player (which is a catastrophic mistake) and completely clearing the registry and leftover files of the Player with an Your Uninstaller Pro. Afterwards, I used the Uninstaller Adobe's website provided, rebooted my pc and tried to reinstall with 3 different browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome), with no avail.


      2.  Trying to install it with Firefox, meaning installing Firefox with their plugin searching function when browsing a website that required Adobe Flash Player, but in the end, it gave me a message showing me that I failed installing it, and gave me the link back to the same installation page.


      I noticed that whenever I run the setup, the setup would disappear in Downloads folder and moved to the "Temp" folder. Also I noticed that the installer was indeed running shown in the Task Manager Process tab. I could end it and double-click the setup again, but it never ran. It was shown as a background process in Task Manager.


      Please, I am desperate for help. 


      I am on a Window 7 32-bit pc if that helps.