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    Using ADE with KOBO Touch


      How does one put ADE books onto the micro-sd (extended memory) that is optional with KOBO Touch.  It  seems I can only move DRM protected items to the e-reader's own memory and not to the extended one. 

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          sjpt Level 4

          Probably ADE only has the option to move to the ereader's own memory.


          I'm not sure how the ereader's main memory and sd card show up in your file manager (Windows Explorer, Mac Finder).

          Very likely they show up as two different mounted drives.

          In that case you can move files between them, or between the computer and either of them, using the file manager.

          If not, you could put the SD card into a card reader (if you have an appropriate one) and use the file manager.


          There's probably some interface on the Kobo itself for moving them as well.

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            Odo12 Level 1

            I did factory reset on KOBO Touch and loaded KOBO library, then DRM free EPUBS, and then recopied my one ADE DRM EPUB item.  I put it onto the micro-sd using Windows Explorer. 


            Now I am puzzled.  My computer is both authorized and not.  My e-reader did read the item at one time but needs authorization now.  With my previous desktop I acquired the document from e-book publisher and I do not think that I had an ADE password at the time.  I do have a URL link.  It has been copied onto my new computer.  I can read the item with no difficulty now on my desktop.  I cannot reauthorize my e-reader without a password.  I may have had one but am not sure at this point.  Should I contact the publisher? 

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              sjpt Level 4

              Checking details from

              http://download.kobobooks.com/learnmore/touch_userguides/Kobo_eReader_Touch_User_Guide_110 922.pdf

              and going back to your original post, I notice on page 26: You can’t add DRM-protected books using a microSD card

              I don't know why it has that restriction, but unless that guide is out of date it seems fairly clear you can't do what you want.


              Going on to the second post ...


              When you factory reset the Kobo you probably lost its registration/authorization.

              It must have been previously authorized, or it would not have been able to read the DRM ebook.

              You current computer must be correctly authorized at the moment as you would not be able to read the DRM book.

              You should be able to copy authorization to the Kobo using the menu/Help/Authorize Device command to ADE with the Kobo connected.

              (Library/Authorize device on the older more reliable ADEv1.7.2)

              (see Adding books using Adobe Digital Editions on page 27 of the manua above)


              DRM free EPUBS are easily handled and are not an issue.

              As an aside, if you use these for most of your reading,

              I suggest you use Calibre (http://calibre-ebook.com/) rather than ADE as it is much better in almost every way (except it can't handl DRM).