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    page scroll inside flash project


      I'm creating a site where most pages 'fit' within the designated 1000x674 pixel Project Size. These pages don't need any scrolling.
      However, I do have a few pages which display a lot of images which don't fit within the Project Size without having to scrolling down.
      I don't mind having the scroll bar on the side, but I'd like to make it part of the Flash Project, which would allow me to keep the original
      Project Size without having to use the Internet Explorer bar once it's published.
      Is it possible to apply a TEXT SCROLL (or another similar feature) to an entire Project Area?
      thank you in advance, J.
      I'm using 8Pro
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          I have used the scrollPane before to do this. The scrollPane is a component that will allow you to load another movieclip into it and automatically provides the vert. scroll bar if necessary. Since it is a component though it requires additional work if the movie clip you are loadin into uses ActionScript (functionality or interaction). It ca get tricky loading user intereactive movies into it.