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    How to disable some color when printing separations in Ai CS6-CC (JS)

    o-marat Level 3

      Hello Everyone!


      Configuration: Win 7 Pro x64, Illustrator CS6x64-CCx64, default printer PDF.


      When printing separations from Illustrator CS4 following script prints all colors except Cyan (as was intended).

      But when printing from CS6-SS disable the color is not possible - all colors are printed without exception.


      var adoc = activeDocument; 
      var o = new PrintOptions();
      o.colorSeparationOptions = new PrintColorSeparationOptions();
      o.colorSeparationOptions.colorSeparationMode = PrintColorSeparationMode.HOSTBASEDSEPARATION;
      o.colorSeparationOptions.inkList = adoc.inkList; 
      for (var i = 0; i < o.colorSeparationOptions.inkList.length; i++) {
       if (o.colorSeparationOptions.inkList[i].name == 'Process Cyan') {
        o.colorSeparationOptions.inkList[i].inkInfo.printingStatus = InkPrintStatus.DISABLEINK;


      If you check, you have inkInfo.printingStatus Cyan changed to "InkPrintStatus.DISABLEINK".

      Why it is printed and how to disable?