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    Help with Macromedia Captivate

      Please tell me the settings to captivate a 30 second clip. The audio is recording fine but it just takes a snapshot of the video and stops there so that snapshot is all I see throughout the 30 seconds of audio. Please help.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi sweiss1780 and welcome to our community

          Your calling it "Macromedia Captivate" tells me you are using version 1, no?

          Your mention of only seeing a static snapshot also tells me you are expecting to record in full motion. Am I right?

          If so, Captivate is typically a poor choice of applications to use for recording anything in full motion. There are other applications more suited to your task. But if you would like to continue, you may force Captivate to record in full motion by pressing the F9 key to begin the recording. Then press the F10 key when you are ready to stop it.

          Again, you probably won't be all that happy with how it turns out.

          Cheers... Rick
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            CatBandit Level 3
            Hi sweiss1780,

            To expand on the comments of the other expert, Adobe "Captivate 3.0" is much better at handling full-motion video than was Macromedia's version 1.0, so perhaps you might benefit from trying out the latest version of Captivate, version 3.0.

            It will cost you nothing to find out whether Captivate is, indeed, the tool you are looking for. I would suggest you begin by watching the built-in tutorials in the right-column of the main user-interface (UI) to get a good feel for what Captivate 3 can do, and how you can do it.

            Best of luck to you!!