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    Documenting Type Libraries?

    JaredHess Level 1
      Hi All,

      This is somewhat off topic, as it has less to do with RH than it does with a more generic documentation question. Our software has it's own API that we allow users to use to create their own VB scripts.
      The various supported objects, methods, properties, events and so forth are contained in a type library (a .tlb file). Over the past several years, I've been maintaining HTML Help documentation for all this information by hand. I would like to automate the conversion of the .tlb file into .htm files.

      Does anyone else convert .tlb files into .htm documentation and then into RH? What tools do you use to accomplish this? Processes to get the output to work within RH?

      I've been looking on the web and have found some software utilities/packages out there that support the conversion of the .tlb file into .htm files. I was hoping there would be something freeware or low relatively low cost (under $100) that is stable and has a good feature set.

      I've mainly toyed around with a freeware utility called DocLibTool, which isn't bad (being freeware) for what you get, but it has some bugs, isn't supported, and it's difficult to customize the final output. I'm also looking into a high cost commercial package called Document! X, but would really like to find something less expensive.

      Any suggestions? Ideas?