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    Acrobat XI won't recognize scanner

    BlackCoffee Level 1

      I installed Acrobat XI replacing Acrobat 9 and the program won't recognize my scanner.


      Setup: Windows 7 x64, Canon MG6120


      All other programs, to include Photoshop, work fine with the scanner. The scanner works in other user profiles (for Acrobat XI) on the computer, but not in my main profile. The scanner is on the list of devices for Acrobat XI, but when asked to scan, the program cannot find the scanner. If I attempt a failed scan, on logout from the user profile I get an error associated with LogTransport2.exe. This error only occurs when Acrobat XI attempts a scan an fails.


      I have tried deleting all local app data for Acrobat in the user profile, uninstalled and reinstalled the printer but nothing seems to work. I believe it is a configuration error in the specific user profile, but I cannot find out were the information is stored.



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          Elbegewa Level 1

          I have the same problem today too

          I have Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.5.5 - it won't recognize my scanner


          I've used both Acrobat 9.5.5 and my scanner (Brothers MFC-6490CW) running Windows 7 together for years without problems.  On Tues. Nov. 19, 2013  I used Acrobat to successfully scan from it. Starting yesterday Nov. 23, 2013 I get the Acrobat error message "Error while interacting with the scanner: the selected scanner was not found" and when I go to "Configure Presets" the only choice is "Please Select a Device" - no devices are listed. Today I tried reloading drivers, but that didn't help.


          Nothing has changed on my computer except that I downloaded and installed Windows and Adobe updates from throughout the past month or so.


          I suspect maybe one of the updates caused the problem, so I tried a system restore, but that didn't help.


          So ... anyone have any ideas?

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            BlackCoffee Level 1

            I did a disk drive search and noticed two things. First, the file that shows an error LogTransport2.exe is an Adobe file and is loaded with every Adobe application. It is not a "common or shared" file. Second, there are about 4 instances of LogTransport2.exe with different dates and different sizes depending on the Adobe application. Since I just switched over from the stand alone creative suite to the cloud, these should be current and clean installations. That may explain why photoshop can scan and Acrobat can't. I might switch in a different LogTransport2.exe file and see if it works. Let you know what I find.

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              Varinder.Saini Adobe Employee

              Could you please try following troubleshooting tasks:


              1. Update Acrobat to the latest version.


              2. Install the latest scanner driver - To reinstall the driver, delete all files and folders that begin with Twain (for example, "Twain_32.dll") in the Windows  folder. Then, restart Windows, and then install the latest scanner driver.


              3. Log in with a new account - If you've successfully scanned into Acrobat before, then your user account could be corrupted, causing problems when you scan. Create a new user account with administrative privileges, and then log in to Windows using the new account.




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                Varinder.Saini Adobe Employee

                Hey what exactly is the error that you are getting related to LogTransport?




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                  BlackCoffee Level 1

                  The exact error, which only occurs when I attempt to scan in Acrobat, is:


                  Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close application."


                  This error occurs on logout or shutdown for the profile.  The Adobe error is:


                  "Error while interacting with scanner: Selected scanner not found."

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                    BlackCoffee Level 1

                    Here is the saga of what I tried:


                    The error was: "Error while interacting with scanner: Selected scanner not found." This only occurred in Acrobat. The scanner works fine in Photoshop and Windows Scan and Fax. The scanner works fine in all other profiles. It is only my main user profile that had a problem. So, there is a file, or configuration item, in the user profile that is preventing only Acrobat from talking to the scanner.  Here is what I did next:


                    1. Disconnected the USB connection to the Canon MG6120. Removed Device on Control Panel. Uninstalled all drivers.

                    2. Uninstalled Acrobat.

                    3. Went into c:\ProgramData\Adobe and delected the directory for Acrobat

                    4. Delected all references to the Canon Scanner in same directory.

                    5. Went into c:\users\****\application data\&&&\adobe and deleted all directories for Acrobat (there were some old Acrobat 9.0 directories that I removed as well.

                    6. This was done in all \&&&\ profile directories: local, LocalLow, and Roaming.

                    7. Deleted all references to Canon scanner/printer in same directories

                    8. Ran CC Cleaner on the registry to remove all bad registry enteries.

                    9. Reinstalled Acrobat

                    10. Open Control Panel and Started Acrobat. Neither showed a printer or scanner device.

                    11. Reinstalled printer/scanner with latest drivers.

                    12. Tried running Acrobat XI as both a user (adminstrator but not with administrator privledges) and as an administrator.


                    Same problem, but new error message:


                    Scanner works for all applications but Acrobat XI. Works for Acrobat XI in all other profiles. New error message: "Adobe could not communicate with this device."


                    I can't figure out what in this profile is causing trouble. I will say this profile is my main user profile and contains past info from CS4 and CS5. I did have Acrobat 9.0 installed, but tried to remove information about it. That was a real pain, since some of the directories are install with the SYSTEM as owner. I had to take permission using the administrator account to delete the directories.


                    So, one program Acrobat XI, in one profile, will not communicate with the scanner. Every other program and every other profile works fine.


                    Let me know if you have a suggestion.

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                      Elbegewa Level 1

                      Hi Varinder

                      Thanks, but that didn't work.


                      I tried installing my scanner's latest drivers. Didn't resolve the issue.

                      I completely deleted and removed my scanner and reinstalled & reconnected it. Didn't resolve the issue.

                      (my scanner is a Brothers MFC-6490CW multifunction device.  I can still print to it directly from Adobe, I just can't scan from it within Adobe. I can scan from it in all of my other applications that permit scanning)


                      I also tried updating my Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.5.5. I got the message "No updates available"

                      I also used the control panel tp repair Acrobat Standard 9.5.5. Didn't resolve the issue.

                      I can still scan from webpages directly from Adobe. And I can create various files, incl. .tif, then manually get Adobe to convert them to pdf's, so that's a workaround, but is slow and cumbersome to do so.

                      I can also create a very limited form of pdf using the software that somes with the scanner, but it is limited (I can't do edits, etc.)


                      I tried setting up a new system user profile.  Didn't resolve the issue.


                      When I use the windows control panel to investigate the "manage scan profiles" I get a dialog boxthat under Brother MFC-6490CW  "file type" gives 4 choices, "tif", "bmp, "jpg", and "bmp" - its set to default tif for documents


                      The only thing that changed between when I could last scanned through Adobe and now is I installed about 1.5 months worth of Windows, Office, and adobe updates.  I suspect one of them my be the culprit.  I tried a system restore to prior to installing the updates.  It alerted me that it could not successfully restore all files (but it did restore most of them).


                      Any other ideas?



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                        Elbegewa Level 1

                        to clarify: 1.5 months = 1 1/2 months ... the decimal point is hard to see

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                          BlackCoffee Level 1

                          I really think it is time for Adobe to step up and add something to this forum. I have spent a lot of time in the profile configuration, registry, and device information. I haven't found the problem yet. Based on my diagnositics, Acrobat XI does something that no other program, including other Adobe products such as Photoshop, does and it is causing the application problems communicating with the scanner. Someone from the Acrobat development team and the Photoshop development team need to walk through the device initialization procedures and find out what is different. That is the source of the problem.


                          As a general rule, you would expect two products from the same company to be able to communicate with the same device.


                          Since the application works in other profiles, it has to be profile specific. The only other contributing factor, is that the profile that it does not work in, is my primary user profile and contains a lot of trash from previous adobe installations going back to CS4 that hang around long after upgrade. I have attempted to remove all the items, but I may be missing something.

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                            USARSystems Level 1

                            Agreed.  I've been using Acrobat XI & an HP Scanjet 5550c on this Win7 x64 for months & Acrobat suddently stopped seeing the scanner though I can scan with other apps and by selecting the scanner in 'Devices and Printers'. It doesn't make sense to blame the problem on a corrupt Windows user account when other apps work.  Either way, Adobe should come up with a repair tool that works & not leave us hanging.

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                              joesuttle Level 1

                              Found it! After reading all these replies and still no answer, was about ready to get angry. The Canon MG6220 worked with all my other apps, but not XI. So I went to the "Custom Scan" window and changed the option from "Hide Scanner's Native..." to "Show Scanner's...". Went back, and just said do a scan, and it worked. Will recreate some of my profiles (Black and White, etc. to get the contrast and brightness the way I like it. But XI now works with my Canon!

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                                Elbegewa Level 1

                                Wierd ... following up on my posts above:

                                its began working again for the last 1 or 2 weeks!!

                                Dunno, it stopped working out of the blue last Oct. or Nov. when I hadn't changed any settings.

                                And it just now started working when I hadn't changed any settings.

                                I suspect it was a problem that originated from, and a fix that came from, either an Adobe update or a MS update.


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                                  BlackCoffee Level 1

                                  Tried this and still no help. I tried every possible setting before and nothing seem to work. I did a scan yesterday by logging into another account and saving the document in public. It is strange to see something so account and application specific.


                                  Acrobat pro seems to be a different beast. The last few days I have been getting an update notice for 11.0.5. However, it is not coming from the Cloud App, it is coming directly from Adobe Update. The update fails on install. When I open Acrobat and check the info, it shows that version 11.0.5 is installed. In the Cloud app, it shows Acrobat pro is up to date.


                                  Thanks for your info...

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                                    Kansas City Photo Level 1

                                    Try logging into your administrative account and see if Adobe Acrobat Pro will communicate with your scanner.

                                    If Adobe Acrobat Pro will communicate with your scanner from the Administrator Account but will not communicate from any other user account.  Log in to the account you prefer and perform the following.   Adobe says it is not

                                    a bug in Adobe Acrobat Pro, but a Microsoft  user profile problem.  I disagree because all my programs work except for Adobe Acrobat Pro.


                                    1.  Make sure that you have a password for your administrative user account.


                                    2.  Elevate and display The Command Prompt as follows:


                                    Start > All Programs > Accessories > Right Click on Command Prompt > Right Click on Run as administrator>

                                    Agree to let program make changes to computer > The command prompt will be open.


                                    The command prompt will display something like; C:\windows\system32


                                    3.  Now it's time to run Acrobat Pro as an Administrator.  You may have to adjust the following statement to get the correct path to acrobat.exe. Edit the command prompt.  Space once after system32 and paste the following and hit enter. 


                                    runas/user:administrator "c:\program files (x86)\adobe\acrobat 9.0\acrobat\acrobat.exe"


                                    (do not space after 9.0)


                                    4. Enter the administrator password when asked and hit enter.


                                    5.  The program should start. 


                                    You may wonder why you didn't just right click on the Acrobat icon on your desktop and run as administrator. The reason is because it doesn't work and this does.  I have tested this on Windows 7 Acrobat 9.0 Pro.  It's a pain to go through the steps everytime you open Acrobat Pro, but Adobe won't fix this problem.  I loaded a trial version of 11.0 and they still haven't fixed the problem so we will just have to use work arounds.  I'm not going to hand them another $199 when they refuse to fix the problem that has not been fixed in at least three versions.  Another solution is to create a new administrative type user account and move all your data to the new account.  No Thank you.  Adobe is not on my good list.

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                                      Elbegewa Level 1

                                      About a month after my posts I ran normal updates from Adobe (and perhaps MS?) and voila! the problem magically disappeared without me doing anything.

                                      I don't know if the others are still having problems though.

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                                        Kansas City Photo Level 1

                                        See the solution that I placed in this form today in reply to another question.

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                                          BlackCoffee Level 1

                                          Thanks for the info. I had some other problems which led to me rebuilding my Profile in Windows. Of course, this solved the problem and I am sure Adobe will say "See we told you it was the Windows profile." However, what they don't say is how the application, which fails to clean up previous installs and upgrades, probably led to the profile corruption.


                                          Thanks for all your help, of all the Adobe products in the Creative Cloud (formerly CS), Acrobat seems to have the most problems and be the most tempermental. Back in the early versions of Acrobat 8, they were still inappropriately requiring admin rights for some basic profile setup. This caused a world of hurt at work which IT locked down for the average user. Luckily, I have always talked IT into giving me local admin rights so I can keep from calling the help desk.  As your fix implies, Acrobat still requires admin rights in the strangest places.


                                          Thanks again, I am getting fairly proficient at rebuilding profiles.

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                                            ragamuffin101 Level 1

                                            Has anyone besides myself noticed a connection to having a working internet connection? I have the same problem, which started about November 2013. Is it a coincidence that I received a message from Adobe in October 2013 that I needed to change my password because they had noticed an attempt to gain access to my account? At the time, the message indicated "We recently discovered that an attacker illegally entered our network and may have obtained access to your Adobe ID and encrypted password. We currently have no indication that there has been unauthorized activity on your account. "     Maybe the "unnoticed" activity was to change something to gather information via your scanning being passed on to another account?     


                                            Here's what I have noticed only recently: whenever my internet connection goes down or is interrupted (a frequent problem with my AT&T broadband) my Acrobat Pro 9.5.5 gives the message: "Cannot communicate with the scanner. Make sure the scanner is on, correctly setup, and connected with no errors indicated. For detailed inforation, see Solving Problems in the User's Guide." This is always followed by: "Error while interracting with the scanner. the selected scanner was not found."


                                            To test this theory, I have successfully used the scanner and before allowing a second pass, unplugged my internet connection. (I've tried this several times) If I unplug after a scan has started (mid-scan) it locks up Acrobat completely. Even if I plug it back, I have to close Acrobat and reopen it. If I complete scan and then unplug it, it will refuse to make another pass, again giving the error message above. If I plug it back, I am once again able to scan.


                                            I'm running Windows 7, 64-bit with Acrobat 9.5.5


                                            There should be no reason why having an internet connection would affect scanning, but after several tests as I've described, I am convinced it has a definite corelation to the problem. Could it be that when others' scanning stopped and then "miraculously" began again, that there was a temporary loss of internet during your scanning failure, and a working connection when it suddenly worked again?


                                            It seems that someone has found a way to corrupt Acrobat files to gather information from your scans.

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                                              AAdobeSol Level 1

                                              [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\TWAIN]

                                              "Default Source"="z:\\$IMPORT$DS$ROOT$\\{6BDD1FC6-810F-11D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F}\\0000"


                                              I removed the default source entry and that corrected the problem.

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                                                jhunketal Level 1

                                                i have been looking for help and so far all suggestions have lead me nowhere.  i have adobe acrobat 9 standard and a hp officejet 6500a plus.  i've already uninstalled both adobe and hp respectively.  i have already tried installing/ looking for updated patches, etc.  i'm a novice so i don't know if that's why i can't do it or not.  help!

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                                                  Kansas City Photo Level 1

                                                  Dear AAdobe Sol,

                                                  Does your suggestion only work when there is no Internet connection or will it also work with my problem?  My Adobe Acrobat Pro will only recognize my scanner when I am logged into my administrative account.  Adobe really needs to step up to the plate and fix the same problem that has existed through versions IX, X and XI.

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                                                    Kansas City Photo Level 1

                                                    Dear jhunketal,

                                                    Did you try my suggestion above?  Do you need instructions on how to log on as an administrator?

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                                                      kdock Level 1

                                                      Joesuttle, bless you.  I followed your steps and avoided days of hair pulling.  My new scanner is working just fine now.  THANKS!


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                                                        rennaman Level 1

                                                        I tried your suggestion as to how to log on as an admin to no avail. I have never used an admin password on this computer, and so when I asked for one, I simply hit "enter" and it always worked. When I try that with the instructions above, it tells me I can't.


                                                        Any thoughts?


                                                        BTW, I am working with a brand new HP Photosmart. My former one was getting some mileage on it, and so I upgraded when this issue hit. (It was working fine until a few days ago, then scanning became a series of frustrations many detailed above.)



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                                                          hunnypuppy Level 1

                                                          Perfect AAdobeSol that solved my problem, deleting the registry key


                                                          [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\TWAIN]

                                                          "Default Source"="z:\\$IMPORT$DS$ROOT$\\{6BDD1FC6-810F-11D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F}\\0000"

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                                                            andybeeton Level 1

                                                            That fixed it for me too! Win 7 Pro x64 + Acrobat X1 + Canon MX925 recently changed from an HP. Kudos!

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                                                              steve p Level 1

                                                              This worked for me! 


                                                              Acrobat 9 Pro.  Just bought a MFC 8910DW.  Getting all the same errors.  Appreciate the post. 

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                                                                WC Boy Level 1

                                                                Believe it or not, your question helped me with my problem.  Just got my first Epson printer and could not get it to work with Adobe Pro XI.  Your comment about "list of devices" made me look for that, and update my preferences.


                                                                Thank you.


                                                                Epson was clueless when I called them.

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                                                                  daved62026548 Level 1

                                                                  Solved my problem Canon MX410

                                                                  • 30. Re: Acrobat XI won't recognize scanner
                                                                    Clay Crowell Level 1

                                                                    Had the same problem with my Epson. Deleting the registry key did the job. Thanks. That was frustrating me.

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                                                                      noela41759628 Level 1

                                                                      AAdobeSol or anyone


                                                                      I've tried this but can't get beyond "Current User." Twain isn't an option at that point. What should I do?

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                                                                        lancem22145807 Level 1

                                                                        After many days of banging my head... this solution works!!!! 

                                                                        Just delete that line and save and it works after you close the REGEDIT window.



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                                                                          noela41759628 Level 1

                                                                          I've tried this but can't get beyond "Current User." Twain isn't an option at that point. What should I do? Which registry key is being deleted? I may be able to dig deeper if you provide that information. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



                                                                          Thank you,


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                                                                            michaell62691194 Level 1

                                                                            Same here.


                                                                            Opened Regedit and followed Aadobesol's directions and voila!  CANON PIXMA MX922 scanner works with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.  Except I did not delete the entry.  I renamed it first, but now that I know it works, I'm deleting the old entry.

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                                                                              andrear59821441 Level 1

                                                                              I don't have Twain under CurrentVersion

                                                                              • 36. Re: Acrobat XI won't recognize scanner
                                                                                Heatonmax Level 1

                                                                                This works.  Finally.  Go to registry editor by left clicking the windows start icon and entering RUN in the search box.  Then click Run Desktop app.  Enter regedit in the Open box.  Follow the directory tree below and delete the file "z:\\$IMPORT$DS$ROOT$\\{6BDD1FC6-810F-11D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F}\\0000"


                                                                                [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\TWAIN]

                                                                                "Default Source"="z:\\$IMPORT$DS$ROOT$\\{6BDD1FC6-810F-11D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F}\\0000"


                                                                                I removed the default source entry and that corrected the problem.

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                                                                                  Mr_Wolf_to Level 1

                                                                                  Hi, I know this is a very old thread; however, I had a similar problem and perhaps I found a solution and I want to share.

                                                                                  Some months ago, I installed my scanner, Canon LiDE 25, in my new notebook with Windows 10. I could scan with every program, except Acrobat 9. The only solution that worked was the one posted here, that is, to open Acrobat as Administrator.


                                                                                  However, after the infamous Fall Update, I couldn't scan with any program, getting the error "Unable to select TWAIN source".


                                                                                  The solution I found is to go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables and add:


                                                                                  to the variable Path.

                                                                                  XX is the number of the scanner and please note the semicolon ; at the beginning, to separate from the other entries.


                                                                                  Automagically, the scanner started to work again with any program, Acrobat included!


                                                                                  Hope this helps.

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